Airseal integrated with impactable sliding door minimizes frost, fog and moisture

July 7, 2016

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Dual climates and high door cycle levels result in hazardous fog and frost build-up

Frost build-up, fog and moisture between this frozen food production plant’s -10° Freezer and adjacent 50° Dock were major concerns.

The old sliding door mounted on the warm side of the opening and the bi-fold mounted inside the freezer were no match for the dual climates and constant door cycle levels required by the plant's 20/6 operation schedule.

A decision was made to keep the slider closed on nights and weekends, and the bi-fold was equipped with 20kw heat lamps, but fog and frost build up continued to be a hazard and slowed production.


Dual climates and high door cycle levels result in hazardous fog and frost build-up

The slider was replaced with an Enviro IXP bi-part impactable sliding door and the bi-fold was replaced with an Enviro 715 AirSeal high-velocity laminar air door. Both doors were integrated as a system to provide optimum climate control without limiting traffic flow.

The Enviro IXP with its streamlined design not only accommodates the height clearance limitations on the warm side of the application, it also provides excellent seal efficiency. With its significantly faster operating speed of up to 8 feet per second, the IXP has dramatically reduced the level of air infiltration between the freezer and the warm side. As an added bonus, the IXP's “two directional” impactable panels help to minimize traffic damage and maintenance costs.

Frost, fog and moisture reduced with Enviro door solution

The AirSeal has been integrated with the IXP so that the two doors work together to provide maximum seal efficiency and material handling productivity. The AirSeal is completely automated and self-adjusts to changes in temperature and humidity whenever the IXP door opens and closes. The “open doorway” structure of the AirSeal door allows unobstructed traffic flow in and out of the freezer and the AirSeal's air barrier maintains optimum climate control between the two environments. 

AirSeal door system integrated with IXP impactable door for maximum productivity , minimum air infiltration

This Enviro door system has dramatically reduced the hazardous levels of fog and frost and increased energy efficiency and overall productivity.

Significant differences in the before and after photos prove; for this high traffic, dual climate production plant, the Enviro Door solution is a “clear” success.