Marathon 109 Series Door Improves Security At Federal Reserve Bank

October 12, 2016

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Slow moving bi-folding doors required considerable maintenance, creating security concerns at this street level armored truck entrance.

Maintaining security is a top priority at this Federal Reserve Bank. Because this bank’s armored truck entrance and exit open directly onto a busy urban street, the facility is more vulnerable to unauthorized pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

The existing bi-folding automatic swing doors at the bank were slow moving and required considerable downtime in order to service a number of high wear moving parts. The bi-fold’s operating speed and performance became increasingly problematic for a facility where “lock downs” are the norm and door operation must be swift and trouble free.

Aesthetics were also a concern for this application. Our clients were looking for doors that would complement the building's façade, and provide a seamless appearance on either side of the guard tower.


Marathon’s 109 Series, high speed, high performance door has significantly improved the ease of maintaining security and complements the building’s design.

Clients chose to replace the bi-fold with Marathon’s 109LP door due to its speed, reliability and high performance features. High speed operation means the door opens and closes easily and in a matter of seconds. Because the Marathon door needs no roller wheels, belts, pulleys cables, or other high wear parts, there have been no maintenance issues and no door “down time” since their installation.

The dark bronze color option not only complements the building’s façade, the 109's tough anodized finish will stand up to the elements and stay looking great. Unlike the old bifold doors, the new doors appear to be part of the structure rather than an after-thought.

Marathon's high speed, high performance doors have modernized the bank's appearance, and improved security systems, significantly.