Security Improves with Addition of 109LP High-Speed Rigid Roll-Up Door

November 11, 2016

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Inoperable rolling grille door creates security concerns for after hours customers

Ease of access, a well maintained appearance and sense of security are all important factors in attracting and keeping customers at any major metropolitan area parking garage.

The rolling grille doors at this high-volume commercial garage were no match for the 200-300 cycles per day that customer traffic demanded. Daily traffic resulted in increasingly costly repairs, door down-time and lost revenue. By the time building management began looking for a solution, the rolling grilles were completely inoperable, leaving the garage vulnerable to unauthorized foot and vehicle traffic.

Space constraints, clearance and material obstructions further complicated this application.  Finding a door that met the performance, security and clearance requirements while, complementing the building’s façade was proving to be a real challenge.

After reviewing a number of doors and companies, management selected the Marathon 109LP (Low Profile) high speed, high performance roll up door for it’s ability to meet all of the application requirements.


Space constraints and tight clearances presented additional challenges

With opening speeds of up to 4’ per second, Marathon’s 109LP, allows quick entrances and quick close downs. Patrons can move swiftly into the garage without getting delayed in long wait lines. The 109LP’s faster operating speed, means the door closes a lot faster, too, preventing unauthorized vehicles from “piggy backing” or following in behind customers entering the garage.

In order to accommodate the tight clearances and interior obstacles, the door was installed on steel tubes that were tied back in to the side walls. Low headroom clearances were not an issue for the 109LP, either. The 109LP has a low profile header and electric direct drive operator that can be mounted in a variety of configurations. The curved panel profile allows the door to roll into a space saving compact drum, requiring just 23” of headroom clearance.

A custom anodized color was chosen to complement the building’s façade and matching block out slats were added to provide a seamless and attractive appearance.

Door activation was tied into the existing transponder system for quick, safe and hassle free access for garage customers.

Marathon's 109 series doors are available in a variety of tough attractive, anodized finish colors designed to stand up to the elements

Ultimately, management chose Marathon because the 109LP  met application challenges that other door systems could not. Positive customer feedback posted online reflects customer satisfaction with management’s decision:

"I felt it was safe/secure." - Rhonda C.
"It was easy to get in and out without any hassles." - Aaron M.
"The garage seemed safe and secure.” - Susanne K.
"Convenient and safe." - Jeff E.
"Easy in easy out. No waiting!"