Military Export Packaging Facility - 515 High Speed Fabric Door

October 4, 2016

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No separation between manufacturing & shipping areas affected product & staff safety.

Meeting packaging specifications and providing logistical support to defense agencies and contractors is of primary importance for this experienced military packaging firm.

Our client required separation between their crate manufacturing and distribution area in order to protect sensitive military equipment from dust and debris, and to provide a clean, safe, packaging area for the staff.

Forklift traffic estimates indicated doors would need to cycle 100-185 times per day, feature a maintenance free breakaway system and be safe to use as a pedestrian access point.


515 High-Speed Low Profile door protects products & provides a clean, safe, more productive work space.

Marathon’s Model 515 high speed fabric roll-up doors were chosen for this application based on a number of factors.
The 515 door, with its high speed, high performance operation allows for virtually uninterrupted production. The 515 curtain is fully retained from top to bottom preventing dust and debris from infiltrating product storage and packaging areas.

A “no bottom bar design” and soft bottom curtain edge that conforms to the floor provides a tighter seal, as well as, safer pedestrian access.

Optional full width vision panels improve visibility and help to prevent collisions while, the 515’s breakaway design features an automatic curtain reset that requires no special tools or downtime. If the curtain is displaced from the track, it will automatically reset on the next upward cycle.

The 515 provides the separation, safety and design features the client required to ensure uninterrupted production and exceptional performance.