Enviro AirSeal Door Systems

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AirSeal Doors

Enviro’s AirSeal door creates an invisible barrier utilizing high velocity laminar air flow to maintain dual climates, keeping your cold side cold and your warm side warm. The Airseal allows unlimited material handling efficiency and complete visibility. No more door damage or downtime due to forklift impacts. No more waiting for doors to open or close, and virtually no maintenance.

We developed the AirSeal as a "smart" door – A door that thinks for itself. A door that takes the guess-work out of your applications by automatically adjusting to your temperature and humidity changes, while maximizing energy efficiency through our EPLC™ and patented optimization controls. By monitoring and adjusting to your environmental changes, the AirSeal significantly reduces the fog, ice and moisture commonly associated with wide-open doorways that separate climates. And with reduced refrigeration loss or heat gain and no door to maintain, AirSeal helps you save on energy and maintenance costs.

During downtimes or non-peak demand times, an AirSeal door combined with a high speed fabric roll-up or sliding hard panel door provides even higher levels of insulation and energy cost savings.