Model 715-IXP (with Integrated IXP Impactable Sliding Door)

Single Horizontal Recirculatory Air Cooler / Freezer with Integrated IXP Impactable Sliding Door

An AirSeal door auto-adjusts to temperature and humidity changes to maximize your energy efficiency and minimize your refrigeration loss. There's no door damage or downtime due to forklift impacts, no more waiting for doors to open and close, and virtually no maintenance.

During downtimes or non-peak demand times, an AirSeal door combined with an impactable horizontal sliding door will provide high levels of insulation and energy cost savings. Impactable single sliding or bi-parting doors are available.

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AirSeal Features

  • Invisible barrier allows for unobstructed traffic flow with minimal loss of refrigeration and/or heat gain.
  • Adjustable and programmable air speed controls.
  • Reduction of ice, fog and moisture with the integrated self-regulating EPLC controlled heater unit.
  • AirSeal’s efficiency reduces coil defrosting burden and improves refrigeration cycle efficiency.
  • Electric or hot gas heat reclaim allows for precise application requirements.
  • Eliminates maintenance costs associated with hard panel doors.
  • No need for energy absorbing infrared heat lamps.
  • Fully programmable logic controller.

IXP Impactable Sliding Door Features

  • Opening speeds of 4' for single and 8' for bi-parting sliding doors provide material handling efficiency and energy cost savings.
  • Impactable door panels with a full 90 degree swing capability in both directions virtually eliminates downtime and repair costs.
  • Complete woodless construction eliminates any chance of fibrous contamination.
  • Full perimeter non-marking double gasket system, and “down and in” track design provides superior sealing without compromising gasket longevity.
  • Exclusive seamless rail system provides a self-cleaning, virtually frictionless surface for the "lubed for life" nylon roller wheels.

Construction - AirSeal

  • Galvanized metal.
  • Stainless steel (optional).

Construction - IXP Impactable Sliding Door

  • Sealed and unitized design.
  • 4" panel thickness (R-30 rated).
  • White metal construction.
  • Impactable panel system.
  • Full perimeter, replaceable polypropylene edge capping with dual integrated gasket seals.

Operation/Operator - AirSeal

  • Electric operation.
  • 4,600 cfm at 4" of water gauge.
  • High efficiency low noise direct driven operator with minimum 5 h.p. motor.

Operation/Operator - IXP Impactable Sliding Door

  • High dual speed operation.
  • 1 h.p. electromechanical operator.

Electrical Features - AirSeal

  • NEMA-4 control enclosure.
  • Fully programmable EPLC controls. (Freezer door)
  • Variable frequency drive.
  • Optimization controls. (Freezer door)

Electrical Features - IXP Impactable Sliding Door

  • 208/230/460 volt, 3 phase.
  • AC motor with clutchless / brakeless operation.
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Control).
  • VFD (Variable Frequency Drive).
  • Encoded self-calibrating limit position.
  • H.M.I. (Human Machine Interface). Digital display with self-diagnostics and fault indicators.

Options - AirSeal

  • Manual / power sliding insulated cooler/freezer door.
  • High speed fabric roll-up door.
  • Digital display on cooler door.
  • Interlock to existing door.
  • Strobe lights.
  • Automatic activation devices for secondary doors.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Wash down components.
  • Waste heat reclaim coil. (Freezer door)
  • Low profile header system.
  • PVC strips.
  • Insulated vestibules.
  • Bollards, thru-guarding and fencing.One year limited warranty on all components.

Options - IXP Impactable Sliding Door

  • Manual operation.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Windows.
  • Colored metal.
  • Padlocking.
  • Shroud for rail and operator.


  • Actuators: Pull cord; photoeye; radio control; loop detector or motion detector.
  • Standard operation - activate open time delay close.


  • One year limited warranty on all components.
Optimization Controls

Optimization Controls

Optional Waste Heat Reclaim

Optional Waste Heat Reclaim

Direct Drive Motor

Direct Drive Motor