Model XP 2700 Iso-Flex

Iso-Flex Single Sliding Impactable Flexible Panel Cooler/Freezer door


Durability and cost savings are engineered into every aspect of Enviro's newest, patent pending, impactable cold storage door. From its flexible panel to its exclusive wall track guidance system, the XP Iso-Flex is designed to reduce downtime and repair costs, while increasing energy savings and productivity.

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  • FAST
    Door opening speeds up to 50" / sec. for increased productivity, material handling efficiency and energy cost savings.
    Full perimeter non-marking gasket system plus a "down and in" track design ensures a superior seal. 
    Seamless rail system creates a self-cleaning, virtually frictionless surface for our "lubed for life" nylon roller wheels.
    No chains or lubrication required. Nylon rollers and rod track system engineered to eliminate shedding associated with steel wheels or plastic tracks.
    The only impactable door to utilize a wall mounted guidance system and pivoting door panel carrier. No more floor hardware or hanger bolt damage to repair after an impact.
    No metal-to-metal contact, no wood construction and no lubrication required. 

Panel Construction

  • Sealed Design.
  • Thermoplastic outer shell.
  • Polyurethane perimeter panel edge.


  • XPLE Foam.
  • 4" panel - R-17 standard.


  • Powered Model has high speed electromechanical operator. (Open - Speeds up to 50"/sec. - Close - Up to 25"/sec.).
  • 115/230 volt, single phase.
  • DC motor with clutchless / brakeless operation.
  • Encoded self-calibrating limit position.
  • Standard motor / encoder IP65 rated.
  • Remote digital display with self-diagnostics and fault indicators.

Performance Features (Power Models)

  • Torque sensing stop/reverse full height of door panels.
  • Header mounted control box with pre-wired remote digital display.
  • Pre-wired motor and encoder.
  • LED indicators in control box for door status.


  • Manual Operation.

Power Models Only

  • Actuators: Pull cord, push button, photo eye, radio control, loop detector, motion detector.
  • Pre-announce to close kit (light/alarm/or combo).
  • Standard operation - (2) pull cords or (2) push buttons with time delay close.


  • One year limited warranty on all components.
Wall Mounted Guidance System

Wall Mounted Guidance System

  • The only impactable Door to utilize a wall mounted guidance system.
  • Pivoting door panel carrier eliminates floor hardware and hanger bolt damage.
  • Auto reset feature insures door panels return to fully sealed position.
Remote Digital Display Includes

Remote Digital Display Includes

  • Self Diagnostics
  • History Function
  • Fault Indicators