Model XP 2500

Single Sliding Cooler/Freezer Door


With door opening speeds up to 4 ft. per second, the single sliding model XP 2500 provides unmatched productivity, material handling efficiency and energy cost savings, without compromising insulation, seal or low cost energy consumption. 

The complete woodless construction eliminates any chance of fibrous contamination. The XP door system has no chains and requires no lubrication. One piece gasket design and simple quick connect heat virtually eliminates maintenance.

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  • Door opening speeds up to 4' per second provides material handling efficiency and energy cost savings.
  • Complete woodless construction eliminates any chance of fibrous contamination.
  • Door systems requires no lubrication and has no metal-to-metal contact eliminating wearing surfaces.
  • Exclusive seamless rail system provides a self-cleaning, virtually frictionless surface for lubed for life nylon roller wheels.
  • Superior sealing with a full perimeter non-marking gasket system and “down and in” track design.
  • All individual gasket runs have extruded receptacles for easy single piece gasket removal and replacement.
  • High performance clutchless and brakeless DC drive ensures high speed and continuous operation.

Panel Construction

  • Sealed and unitized design.
  • 4" panel thickness. (Optional 5.5".)
  • White metal construction.
  • Full perimeter heat (Freezer Model Only)


  • Powered model has high speed electromechanical operator. (Speeds up to Open-48”/sec. - Close-24”/sec.).
  • 115/230 volt, single phase.
  • DC motor with clutchless / brakeless operation.
  • Encoded self-calibrating limit position.
  • Standard motor / encoder IP65 rated.
  • Remote digital display with self-diagnostics and fault indicators.


  • 4” poured polyurethane foam.
  • R-30 rated.
  • “K” factor of .12 at 75° F.

Performance Features


  • Torque sensing stop/reverse full height of door panels.
  • Header mounted control box with pre-wired remote digital display.
  • Pre-wired motor and encoder.
  • LED indicators for door status.


  • Manual operation.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Molded fiberglass panel.
  • Windows.
  • Breakaway wall retention track.
  • Colored metal.
  • Padlocking.
  • Shroud for rail and operator.


  • Actuators: Pull cord; photoeye; radio control; loop detector or motion detector.
  • Standard operation - activate open time delay close.


  • One year limited warranty on all components.
Wall-Mounted Panel Guidance System

Wall-Mounted Panel Guidance System

Optional feature on the XP horizontal sliding door series - the XP door can be impacted from the back side without floor hardware and carrier damage.

Presence Motion Detector

Presence Motion Detector

Exterior Pull Handle

Exterior Pull Handle

Standard on the XP Horizontal Sliding Door Series.

Single Push Button Station

Single Push Button Station

One of the standard activations available for an XP sliding door.