Model 515

Interior Fabric Roll-Up Door


With opening speeds up to 50” per second, Marathon's 515 low profile, high speed fabric roll up door provides increased material handling while minimizing air exchange and increasing energy efficiencies. 

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  • Standard pushbutton to open and time delay to close.
  • Send and receive reversing photoeye (std).
  • Soft bottom edge with washdown rated wireless electronic instant reversing edge.
  • Breakaway curtain with automatic reset from either direction.
  • Manual override for opening without power at motor location. 

Panel Construction

  • Multi-filament PVC coated curtain material, FDA compliant.
  • White or blue color curtain standard. (Other colors available upon request.)
  • 28” high, full width, clear PVC vision panel. (Optional)
  • No windknobs or windbars required.
  • Soft bottom edge - no bottom bar required.

Header/Rail and Side Frame Construction

  • Side frames constructed with 12 ga., galvanized steel.
  • Side frames designed for maximum durability and utilize a UHMW guide track.
  • Standard lintel seal.
  • Optional 20 ga. galvanized barrel and operator shrouds.

Operator Features

  • High performance, high efficiency, washdown rated 1 or 2 hp electric motor.
  • Available in 208/230 v single phase, or 460v three phase power.
  • Absolute encoder controlled - washdown rated.
  • Adjustable open and close speeds up to 50”/sec. (50”/sec. open and 32”/sec. close std).


  • Pull cords.
  • Remote push buttons.
  • Photoeyes - actuator or reversing.
  • Radio control - single or multi-channel receiver.
  • Loop detector.
  • Motion detector.
  • Touchless activation devices.
  • Custom designed interlocking system.
  • Barrel & operator shrouds - stainless or galvanized.
  • Side guide covers - stainless or galvanized.
  • Battery back-up system (1 hp, 115 VAC only).
  • Pre-announce to close kit (light/alarm/or combo).
  • 28” full width PVC vision panel.
  • Stainless steel construction.


  • One year limited warranty on all components.
Wireless, Soft Bottom Edge

Wireless, Soft Bottom Edge

  • The ultimate safety for personnel.
  • Provides for optimal sealing.
Reversing Photo-Eye

Reversing Photo-Eye

  • Upon photo-eye interruption, door will return to full open position.
Breakaway with Auto Reset

Breakaway with Auto Reset

  • Impactable in either direction.
  • Curtain will automatically reset on next upward cycle.
Ultra Low Profile

Ultra Low Profile

  • Door requires only 2-3/4” of side room clearance.
Optional Side Guide Cover

Optional Side Guide Cover

  • The ultimate in cleanability.
  • Provides for optimal sealing.
Color Options

Color Options

  • 9 standard color options to meet your safety and aesthetic requirements.
  • Consult factory for logos and other customization.