BIM Models Available

February 22, 2017

Due to the growing number of requests we receive from architects and design firms, ASI Doors will be making BIM Revit Models available on our website over the coming weeks. Many are already available for download in our resource center and in the technical documents section of the product pages linked below. Keep checking back. We'll continue adding links as more BIM Models become available. 

Enviro Cold Storage Doors

Marathon High Speed Doors

Cleanseal Cleanroom Doors

 Impactable Sliding Doors  High Speed Rigid Roll Up Doors  Sliding Doors
IXP 2600 Cooler/Freezer Door - Single Sliding
 109-LP Low Profile High Speed Roll-Up Door
 1240/1250 Seamless FG Door - Single 
 IXP 2100 Cooler/Freezer Door - Bi-Part Sliding
 209-V Full Vision High Speed Roll-Up Door
1270/1260 Seamless FG Door - Bi-Part
 XP 2700 Cooler/Freezer Door - Single Sliding
 109-LP Low Profile High Speed Roll-Up Door
1240/1250 Seamless FG Door -Single 
 XP 2200 Iso-Flex Cooler/Freezer Door - Bi-Part Sliding
High Speed Fabric Roll-Up Doors
140/150 FRP Door - Single Sliding

Sliding Doors

 515 Interior High Speed Roll-Up Door
160/170 FRP Door - Bi-Part Sliding
XP 2500 Cooler Freezer Door - Single Sliding
 615 Interior/Exterior High Speed Roll-Up Door
Sliding Fire Rated Doors 
 XP 2000 Cooler Freezer Door - Bi-Part Sliding
 245/255 Single Sliding Fire Rated Door 

 High Speed Fabric Roll-Up Doors

 265 Bi-Part Sliding Fire Rated Door
 615F Fabric Roll-Up Freezer Doors
   High Speed Fabric Roll-Up Doors

 Infitting Cooler Freezer Doors

415 Iso-Roll GMP Fabric Roll-Up Door
 413 Metal Cooler/Freezer Door - Single or Double
  Specialty Doors
 512 Fiberglass Cooler/Freezer Door - Single or Double
1241/1251 Telescoping Door - Single Slide

 Vertical Rise Cooler/Freezer Doors

 1271/1261 Telescoping Door - Bi-Part Sliding
 XP 508 Single Piece Metal Cooler/Freezer Door