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Car Dealership Full Vision Rigid Roll Up Doors

High speed, high performance doors
for quick access and Security

For Speed, Aesthetics, and Reliability
Our Marathon high speed industrial doors provide great aesthetics, as well as high speed operation, for high profile locations within your facility, as well as general and maintenance areas. Impress your customers with opening speeds from 42 up to 80 inches per second while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your structure. Our rigid high speed industrial doors are the ideal solution for creating a secure and energy efficient entrance in high traffic areas. Our high cycle door provides long service life with minimal maintenance. Need help finding the best high speed door for your application contact us.


  • Courthouses
  • US Marshall / Secret Service
  • Federal Reserve Banks
  • GSA Buildings
  • Secured Parking Structures
  • Sally Ports
  • Auto Dealers
  • Condominium
  • High Rise
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Commercial Parking Garages
  • Police / Fire
  • Airports
  • Water / Power
  • Fleet Garages
  • Public Transportation
  • Hospital

Low Profile Coiling Door for Limited Headroom and Tight Side Clearances Model 109
Low Profile Coiling Door for Limited Headroom and Tight Side Clearances
Industrial Doors Model 209
Full Vision Roll-Up Door with Modern Aesthetics
Featured Case Study

High-speed door curbs energy & maintenance costs

With an operating speed four times faster than this skyscraper’s sectional door, our insulated roll-up door curbs energy loss, collision damage and maintenance costs.

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