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Ingredient Manufacturer

Overview A Nebraska based ingredient manufacturer over the past decade has transitioned from animal processing to manufacturing pharmaceutical grade ingredients providing the highest quality enzymes, proteins, and flavors. They offer over 400 products to the US and 25 countries used in human and pet nutrition, food processing, and other industries. In order to meet all […]

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Mary Ann’s Baking Company

Overview Mary Ann’s Bakery was established in 1961 by the Damas Family in Sacramento, California. They are a high-volume baked goods production facility that creates quality baked goods using premium, wholesome, and delicious ingredients. Their multiple production lines produce danishes, muffins, doughnuts and more. With over 50 years of experience in baking treats, Mary Ann’s […]

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Enviro IXP 2100 Impactable Door Improves Product Handling

The existing door in this application had been hit numerous times because of its slow speed. Due to the lack of rigidity, the door panels became warped and allowed warm air to infiltrate the freezer creating frost, ice, and fog conditions. With no adjustability to the door seals, the facility’s refrigeration usage increased as the condensers and evaporator system had to work harder to maintain the freezer temperature. The existing door also used a grease chain and inefficient wind sock blower system, which required constant downtime and maintenance.

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High-Speed Door Curbs Energy & Maintenance Costs

Challenge This 66-story, high-end commercial building is home to department stores, a hotel, up-scale shops and luxury condominiums. Virtually all shipments and deliveries enter through the building’s large, sectional, parking and dock door. At 24′ x 16′, just covering this door opening presents a sizeable problem. Since the door is the “mouth” of this building, […]

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Interlocking Door Basics

Having a flexible door system enables project engineers to outfit cleanrooms with vision panels on doors, pushplates or other activation devices, magnetic locks, and interlocking systems. The most important feature a door system can have to prevent contamination is an interlocking system. An interlock sometimes referred to as an “airlock,” can take many forms. In […]

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Cleanseal Doors Receive Class 1 (ISO 3) Rating

Milwaukee, Wi – ASI Doors, Inc. announces the results of an airborne particulate count test which classifies the company’s Cleanseal cleanroom door system suitable for clean environment applications as low as Class 1 (ISO 3). The results, from an independent testing lab, reported that “with zero background level, the [particle] counts were all significantly below […]

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Bio/Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms Require New Door Solutions

From the time of Swiss watchmakers, who used bell jars to prevent dust from falling on their timepieces, to the development of high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters for atomic energy production, manufacturers have worked to limit airborne contamination in their production environments. Today, ISO standards still emphasize air filtration and air distribution requirements, but the […]

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Keeping Clean Rooms ‘Clean’

Enormous strides have been made in the pharmaceutical manufacturing arena over the generations. Gone are the days of the local pharmacist concocting tablets in his storefront for “made-to-order” prescriptions. Today, the use of cleanrooms is essential for contamination control, and the cleanroom has evolved into a science of its own. Keeping airborne contaminants generated by […]

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Solves Contamination Problem

Challenge “Our manufacturing area of this facility sees a steady flow of traffic, with material handling, packaging and product moving in and out of a series of mixing rooms,” stated the Vice-President of Engineering at a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer. Room separation was an important consideration in the layout of this facility, which compounds pharmaceuticals for […]

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Cleanseal Door System Completes Contract Manufacturer’s Facility Update

Challenge   When Atlanta-based Mikart decided to modernize their liquid and oral dose manufacturing facilities, door systems were integral to the revitalization process. As a provider in pharmaceutical formulation and development, contract manufacturing and packaging services, Mikart wanted to replace their existing doors with a complete and integrated, “system” of doors, that would offer exceptional […]

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