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Case Studies

Leading Cold Storage Provider

Posted: 11/25/20

With over 180+ facilities across the globe while moving one trillion pounds of food & beverage products, it comes as no surprise that this cold storage leader would want to increase productivity, lower their operational costs, and maintain product quality. They currently offer the most comprehensive temperature-controlled storage and distribution network in the world and use technology based engineered solutions to manage their supply chain. With this technology, they can manage a wide range of customers including local artisans, regional grocery stores, national food processors, and international food and beverage organizations. This facility in GA has various temperature-controlled areas throughout the building. Creating separation between these areas is critical to lowering operational costs and maintaining product quality. With temperatures as low as -20° F and outside temperatures close to 100° F degrees, this can be a challenge. ASI Doors was able to provide a door that created the separation they needed!


In this application, the customer had an old horizontal slider door. The slow operation of the door and poor sealing capabilities resulted in ice and frost buildup. Vinyl strip curtains were installed to help mitigate the issue, but it was not a long-term fix. This led to higher maintenance costs in removing the ice buildup, increased operational costs in maintaining the two temperatures, and decreased productivity due to the unsafe conditions.



ASI Doors was brought in to address these challenges. The old slider door and strip curtains were replaced with the ISO-Flex 2700 single sliding freezer door. With opening speeds up to 50” per second, the ISO-Flex 2700 gets out of the way quickly, allowing traffic to flow in and out of the opening safely. In addition, a LED light communication system was added to improve communication with the forklift drivers entering the freezer. Increasing speed and communication is the easiest way to increase productivity, lower operational costs, and prevent accidents.
ASI Doors heated blower system was selected to address the dangerous ice and frost buildup that compromised their product quality. The heated blower pushes a column of warm air through the
leading-edge seal down across the threshold. This patent pending option helps prevent ice buildup at the floor, creates a safer entrance into the opening, and helps maintain product quality. Combining these unique features with the ISO-Flex 2700’s impact resistant panels, the customer is now able to get back to what they do best, serving their customers!