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Pharmaceutical Doors

Designed to meet the critical
demands of controlled environments

In cleanroom operations, specialized high speed cleanroom doors keep air pressure stable and minimize airborne contaminants. The superior full perimeter seal combined with a fast cycle time reduces the loss of conditioned air and provides significant cost savings. The door resists pressure differences between two areas and is ideal for building airlocks that maintain the pressure integrity of both rooms. Our cleanroom doors manufactured with uncompromising quality, solid reliability, and unmatched value.

In life sciences where quick access and environmental control are critical, ASI Doors have engineered door solutions specific to pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cleanroom applications. Our doors are designed with a full-height weather seal that keeps out contaminants and allows for a full door wipe down to ensure cleanliness. And in areas where strict USDA/FDA guidelines need to be met, the door is engineered to comply with the cGMP guidelines. It is highly reliable and our tightest sealing door, which makes it perfect for pharmaceutical applications. When difficult situations exist, we’ll find the proper solution to suit your application.

  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Laboratories
  • Cleanrooms
415 Cleanroom Doors Model 415
Wash Down Fabric Roll-Up Cleanroom Doors
Pharmaceutical Doors Cleanroom Sliding Doors
Fiberglass and Stainless Steel, Single & Bi-Parting Sliding Doors
Swing Doors Cleanroom Swing Doors
Fiberglass and Stainless Steel, Single & Paired Swinging Doors
Model 215 Model 215
Featured Case Study

Keeping cleanrooms clean

Because pharmaceutical “cleanrooms” are classified according to the particle concentration of the air, the right components are essential to meeting the cleanliness criteria.

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