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Case Studies

Legacy Parking

Posted: 3/26/21

Legacy Parking


Legacy Parking Chicago, ILWhether you are in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Chicago or any other major city in the country, you know how difficult it is to find a parking spot. In most cases, street parking is already spoken for and you end up having to park in a parking garage. Which garage do you pick? Typically, it is the closest garage to your destination. Little thought is given to how safe it is to park there or how secure your vehicle will be once you turn the engine off and leave the vehicle behind. In this article, we take you behind the scenes through the eyes of Legacy Parking, to give you a glimpse of how they are offering their customers value.

Legacy Parking was founded in 2013 and has an unique approach to the management and leasing of commercial parking assets. Their core business is dedicated to the day-to-day management of these parking assets, but they also assist in planning and consulting within the real estate community. Having multiple locations across the country, they focus on providing advanced parking solutions that add value with superior customer service. This drives the bottom line returns that the owners and managers of parking assets are looking to achieve.

In Chicago, IL alone, Legacy Parking operates 28 surface lots and parking garages. Depending on the location they offer various options: covered parking, mobile pass entry, touchless parking, valet service, and event parking to mention a few. Gabe Beltran, Sr. Facilities Manager at The Michigan Plaza in downtown Chicago knows firsthand the challenges to managing these types of facilities. Managing a parking structure is a lot of work and, to keep people coming back, you need to provide top level accommodations. Everything from lighting to access control needs to remain operational and trouble free 24 hours a day.


The Michigan Plaza entrance starts with an access control system and gate. This system allows people to enter the garage, helps monitor the volume of traffic into the structure, and serves as the pay station when the customers leave. Although the gate acts as a deterrent to unwanted visitors, the gate is easily bypassed. Legacy Parking saw the need for additional security, especially for foot traffic.

At the top of the ramp, there is one opening for vehicles to enter and exit. Over 10 years ago, Legacy Parking installed an ASI Door model 109. Because this is the only opening for entry and exit, the door must remain operational 24/7. With over 1.5 million cycles, the door was starting to require maintenance and repairs. Legacy decided to replace rather than repair due to the age of the door. With multiple door options on the market, they investigated multiple brands and decided to replace the door with another ASI Door model 109 based on their experience.

Legacy Challenges




The model 109 is unique compared to other doors on the market. Here are seven main features of the door:Legacy Parking Garage

  1. Direct Drive System– eliminates the need for expensive replacement springs and counterbalance systems.
  2. No Roller Wheels– fewer moving parts equates to less maintenance.
  3. High Speed Door– opening speeds up to 42” per second
  4. Low Profile– minimal side clearance and headroom required, making it ideal for parking structures.
  5. Integrated Controls– various access control options available.
  6. Slat Configurations– vision, fenestrated (Vented), or solid.
  7. Safety– multiple safety options available.

After the new door was installed, Gabe stated, “All patrons have commented on the new door and appreciate the new door rather than fixing something old.” In terms of service and installation, Legacy utilizes Anagnos Door Company and Gabe to install the new door and was very pleased with their level of professionalism and timeliness.

In the end, Legacy Parking Company has shown once again why they are a leader in the management of parking assets and their customers have the peace of mind that their vehicles will be secured.

“All patrons have commented on the new door and appreciate the new door rather than fixing something old.”