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Case Studies

Burris Logistics

Posted: 2/2/21


Since 1925, family-owned Burris Logistics has been providing supply chain solutions to national retailers and e-commerce startups. With 15 facilities across the U.S., they have become a leader inBurris Old Door controlled-temperature food distribution, built on integrity, quality, and dependability.

Burris Logistics offers multiple solutions for their customers including their Custom Dedicated Distribution program. Customers can focus on what they specialize in and leave the procurement, warehousing, and distribution up to Burris Logistics. With many customers requiring online ordering, Burris Logistics has you covered. They make ordering through e-commerce and fulfillment seamless by providing a 48-hour turnaround from order to shipment.

David Whitehead, Plant Engineer for Burris Logistics in Jacksonville Florida, knows what it takes to meet customer expectations. When asked, what sets Burris Logistics apart from other cold storage logistics providers? David replied, “When you put your product in our warehouse, you get it back the same way or we pay for it, guaranteed.”

Of course, keeping that commitment takes tremendous effort and a great team to make sure equipment and facilities are up to the challenge. Their facility in Jacksonville consists of a 226,000 square foot warehouse, with 197,000 square feet of refrigerated space. They offer four temperature-controlled rooms to store a variety of products.


Maintaining temperatures in these rooms can be difficult. Specialized high-performance doors are typically utilized in these applications because they offer higher R-values, greater speeds, increased cycles, and superior sealing capabilities. The freezer doors in Jacksonville, FL were installed in 2003 to maintain -5­­° Fahrenheit on one side to 36° Fahrenheit on the other. David was finding it difficult to get parts, experiencing issues with the seals, and the panels were delaminating. This led to safety and productivity concerns with slippery floors and the doors were icing up, which compromised the product quality. It was time to replace……

Changes in cold storage door technology over the last 16 years made it difficult for the Burris Logistics team to select which door supplier to choose. They decided to test three different products from three suppliers to determine their best course of action. In the end, David selected ASI Doors to create a solution that satisfied their needs.


ASI Doors installed five Iso-Flex 2200 bi-part freezer doors with their optional heated blower system. The Iso-Flex 2200 is a 4” thick high speed freezer door. With opening speeds up to 100” perBi-Part Sliding Door Cold Storage second, the Iso-Flex gets out of the way quickly from oncoming fork trucks which increases productivity and closes quickly to help minimize heat loss. The door jambs and header are heated to reduce frost and ice buildup around the opening and the patent pending heated blower system sends a column of warm air down the center seals and to the threshold. This prevents ice buildup on the center seals and threshold, creating a safe opening to enter through while reducing convectional heat loss.

The proof is in the pudding……. It’s been almost two years since the doors were first installed and David said, “The doors have eliminated the moisture at the floor, are easily adjustable, easy to maintain, lower energy usage, and are trouble free.”

With the high-performance capabilities of the Iso-Flex 2200 and unique features, David Whitehead, Burris Logistics, and ASI Doors have conquered another challenge.