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Case Studies

PCI Pharma Services

Posted: 5/25/21


When it comes to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical supply chains PCI Pharm Services are the experts. They create clinical and commercial supply chain solutions that put an emphasis on the patient’s experience. Eight facilities around the globe provide full pharmaceutical development, manufacturing, and packaging technology services for both investigational and commercial products. This includes substances requiring highly specialized handling. PCI also provides clinical trial services offering complex and unique opportunities with consultive, client-focused initiatives. PCI Pharma Services has the ability to furnish your company with a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical services from development to launch and continuous production.


The Rockford, IL location needed to replace aging equipment and improve facility design of environmental controlled spaces. The existing doors were steel and were constantly being damaged by material and equipment carts that moved throughout the facility. The steel doors did not provide a good seal which created difficulties in maintaining room conditions, including air temperature and pressure differentials. At this point, it became essential to replace the doors ensuring product quality while still meeting cleanroom requirements.


ASI Doors provided multiple fabric doors that helped improve the facility design and environmental controlled spaces. With their tight sealing capabilities and quick operation, the high speed roll up doors were the upgrade they needed. According to Mitch Farris, Facilities Engineering Sr. Manager, the speed cooler doors have become the standard when building or remodeling packaging suites, gowning, and materials vestibules as well as temperature-controlled areas.

“ASI Doors provide a superior seal which allows us to provide a more robust controlled environment.” In the end, the doors have improved environmental control and reduced production suite downtime.