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Case Studies

Ingredient Manufacturer

Posted: 7/6/20


A Nebraska based ingredient manufacturer over the past decade has transitioned from animal processing to manufacturing pharmaceutical grade ingredients providing the highest quality enzymes, proteins, and flavors. They offer over 400 products to the US and 25 countries used in human and pet nutrition, food processing, and other industries. In order to meet all the strict requirements of the FDA, USDA, EPA, EU cGMP, and other regulatory standards guidelines, they had to redesign and modernize many areas of their facility. The physical transformation occurred in phases where they separated general health products and operations from active pharma ingredients (API’s).

The Vice President of Engineering explains that the jump to API’s required significant research in the manufacturing processes, quality control, manufacturing equipment, and facilities requirements. He identified a variety of companies that provided a consultative approach to assist in this transformation and ASI Doors was selected to provide door solutions. He regarded ASI Doors as the company that was well-positioned with experience and expertise in clean room door solution applications and was impressed with the quality of ASI’s craftsmanship, door seal-ability, and the fact that “complex door systems are made simple” by ASI.

These are some of the door system requirements the Vice President of Engineering noted as critical to their operations.

The doors ability to hold up to use of caustic cleaning chemicals
Durability and low maintenance
Door systems that are able to maintain various pressures, humidity levels, and temperatures
Flush window systems that are easily cleaned


  • Custom Size Requirements
  • Way to Differentiate Areas of Operation
  • Finding The Right Manufacturer


  • Unique Size Requirements provided by ASI Doors
  • Colored Doors Used to Distinguish Areas
  • ASI’s Consultative Approach


Given the age of the building, there were a variety of non standard door sizes, requiring a number of custom fit doors. There was also a need to distinguish general health products from API’s in their operation. All of this combined with the need to partner with a manufacturer who provided a consultative approach to assist in their transformation were the challenges they faced.


The door color variations allowed the ingredient manufacture to visually distinguish general health products from API’s in their operations. This assisted with process flow and quality control. ASI designed, manufactured, and installed around sixty doors throughout their campus. Door types included fabric roll-ups, sliders, swinging, fire-rated, and cold storage. Stainless steel and fiberglass doors were used for the swinging and sliding applications, with molded fiberglass in the most critical areas of the operation. The molded fiberglass solutions have proven exceptionally durable and were pigmented to match their color requirements. The color scheme now clearly indicates the manufacturing operation being performed throughout their facilities, enhancing security and safety.

“ASI Doors provided a comprehensive solution serving as a one-stop-shop of high-performance cleanroom door systems. The door products have added value and have proven themselves with durability, cleanability, and environmental controls.” Vice President – Engineering