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Air Doors

ASI’s AirSeal doors are engineered to meet the climate challenges of refrigerated environments. The Airseal “smart” technology creates an invisible barrier utilizing high velocity laminar air flow and automatically adjusts to maintain dual climates, keeping your cold side cold and your warm side warm. This allows unlimited material handling efficiency and complete visibility. No more door damage or downtime due to forklift impacts. No more waiting for doors to open or close, and virtually no maintenance.

Our Airseal Doors are available in a broad range of styles and options and can be combined with a high-speed fabric roll-up or sliding hard panel door during downtimes to provide higher levels of insulation and energy cost savings. Contact us today to find the right Airseal solution for your facility.

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AirSeal Technology Door Model 715
Customizable AirSeal Technology Doors for Refrigerated Environments

Airseal Technology Doors For the food & beverage industry

Enviro AirSeal doors are designed to provide full visibility while maintaining dual climates and virtually eliminating the risk of damage from forklifts and other facility equipment.

  • Refrigerated Warehousing
  • Food Processing
  • Grocery Distribution
  • Dairy
  • Seafood
  • Bakery