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Case Studies

Case Studies

Enviro IXP 2100 Impactable Door Improves Product Handling

Posted: 5/13/20


Loss of Refrigeration and High Maintenance Costs

Opening speed of 60″ per second affected product handling and freezer temperature.

The existing door in this application had been hit numerous times because of its slow speed. Due to the lack of rigidity, the door panels became warped and allowed warm air to infiltrate the freezer creating frost, ice, and fog conditions. With no adjustability to the door seals, the facility’s refrigeration usage increased as the condensers and evaporator system had to work harder to maintain the freezer temperature. The existing door also used a grease chain and inefficient wind sock blower system, which required constant downtime and maintenance.


Increased Refrigeration and Maintenance Savings

With the purchase of the IXP 2100 bi-parting impactable breakaway door, the customer noticed an immediate maintenance savings since the IXP uses a drive belt rather than a grease chain.

The door was designed for high cycle operation and with an opening speed of 8′ per second, product handling was increased without compromising insulation or seal efficiency. The door’s complete gasket release travel design, no wood construction, simple quick connect heat, and one-piece gasket system, virtually eliminates maintenance.

Virtually maintenance free and high speed operation increased product handling.

The IXP can be impacted from the back side without floor hardware and hanger bolt damage with the only wall-mounted guidance system with pivoting head capability. The impactable panel system which allows full 90 degree swing capability in both directions, reduces downtime and repair costs. The auto-reset panel guidance feature insures that the door panels return to a fully sealed position. A full perimeter casing heat system would eliminate any costly damage associated with door impacts.

The IXP 2100 has virtually eliminated the hazardous levels of fog and frost and increased energy efficiency and overall productivity.