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Case Studies

Mary Ann’s Baking Company

Posted: 5/15/20


Mary Ann’s Bakery was established in 1961 by the Damas Family in Sacramento, California. They are a high-volume baked goods production facility that creates quality baked goods using premium, wholesome, and delicious ingredients. Their multiple production lines produce danishes, muffins, doughnuts and more. With over 50 years of experience in baking treats, Mary Ann’s proudly serves hospitality industries, retail groceries, convenience stores, schools and the food service industry.

Andy Demas, Senior Vice President of Operations and Alan Jones Maintenance Manager stated that many of their baked goods are finished products which need to be stored in coolers or freezers, with temperatures being set as low as -5 degrees Fahrenheit. With their variety of geographic locations, temperatures around their docks can reach into the high 90’s in the summer. With the exterior doors open for pickup, deliveries and forklifts going in and out of the coolers and freezers, there can be a significant temperature variation. Product quality, and on-time delivery are critical to the company and this clash of environmental temperatures creates significant challenges.


  • Employee Safety
  • Maintaining Product Quality
  • Improve Energy Conservation


  • Increased Safety Around the Door Opening
  • Increased Speed, Efficiency, Productivity and Workflow
  • Energy Conservation and Climate Control


The temperature difference caused by the warm, cold and humid air mixing in the freezer entryway creates frost and ice buildup in the freezer. These conditions compromised product quality, making efficiency difficult in their day to day operations.

The existing freezer door was a bi-part Butcher Boy door that was around 25 years old, with an opening speed of 15 inches per second and appeared to have been hit by forklift traffic and didn’t seal properly. Forklift operators would regularly experience frost and ice falling from the ceiling as they entered the freezer.


ASI Doors’ patent pending Iso-Flex single sliding impactable door was an excellent solution to address Mary Ann’s concerns. The door was engineered with durability and cost in mind, with its flexible panel and exclusive wall track guidance system. The Iso-Flex is designed to reduce downtime and repair costs, while increasing energy savings and productivity. ASI’s door was created with a 17 R-value and an opening speed of 50 inches per second which proved itself to be highly effective.

Designed with a full perimeter non-marking gasket system and “down and in track” design, the Iso-Flex door provides superior sealing without compromising gasket longevity. The heated blower system warms the door seal and floor threshold, thus eliminating frost and ice build up. This along with the warning lights and the increased speed of the door made this solution the right choice in addressing all of Mary Ann’s concerns. This superior door solution is now free of any frost or ice, making the freezer passageway much more efficient for Mary Ann’s employees.

What a difference from our old doors. These doors just worked from the day of installation. No trouble calls, No ice build- up, open and close every time. Thank
you ASI for improving our reliability and increasing our energy saving.” – Alan Jones