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How to Improve Traffic Flow and Security with High Speed Doors
Posted: 4/26/22

If you own a business with a high pedestrian traffic flow, investing in high performance doors should be atop your priority list. High speed doors provide several benefits to commercial buildings.

High-speed doors help commercial owners save on their energy bills, keep your employees safe, and increase workplace productivity. Many businesses need these door types to operate. If you work in an environment that is temperature-reliant, high-speed doors are a necessity.

Below, we will discuss how high performance doors can improve traffic flow and enhance your building’s security.

What Is a High Speed Performance Door?

First, we need to define what a high performance door is. The principal purpose of fast-opening doors is to act as a barrier to commercial properties. When you walk into a commercial building,high speed doors you typically enter through a sizable revolving door or some form of a high performance door.

Commercial property owners need a door that opens and closes quickly. If you work in a high-traffic area, fast-acting doors are vital. Typically, these high speed doors are power-operated and high-cycle. High-cycle refers to the number of times customers or employees can open and close your doors.

Most high performance doors can handle up to 100 opens each day. Also, most HPSDs come with a remote control, allowing you to open and close your doors without being near them.

Business owners need rolling or sliding high-speed doors engineered to allow fast movement throughout your facility with springless design. Fast-opening doors manage customer flow and deter frustrating traffic jams in your facility. Lock up securely with rolling bar gates to cover your sliding doors.

Benefits of Interior Fast-Opening Doors

High speed doors offer many benefits to commercial property owners. They are a necessity for commercial buildings with abundant pedestrian traffic.

Enhanced Security

One of the principal benefits of quality speed doors is that they can improve your commercial property’s security presence. To ensure company security, you must keep track of everyone who enters your facility. High-speed doors feature quick opening speeds, ensuring that only authorized personnel can enter exclusive areas of your building.

Improve security further during non-operating hours with a rolling bar gate to cover entrances to your store, parking garage, or warehouse.

Some fast-acting doors even feature no rubber between slats, preventing the potential for intrusion. Also, most high-speed doors are transparent, allowing you to see everyone who walks into your building. Therefore, it is hard for burglars to try to catch you by surprise. Owners of high-performance doors can access their doors remotely via a mobile app or remote control; thus, you can require authorized employees to use a fob or key card to enter your building.

As an additional side benefit, because high-performance doors open and close quickly, they help you lower your energy costs. If your doors are constantly ajar, your HVAC system will have to work harder. Consequently, you will expend more energy than necessary.

Improve Foot Traffic

One of the other benefits of high-cycle doors is their aid in improving the traffic flow of your commercial property. When numerous people are roaming throughout your building, you need a door that can operate effortlessly, allowing employees and customers optimal accessibility.

If you had a traditional door at your high-traffic commercial property, it would inevitably cause massive traffic jams. Your customers must be able to enter and exit your building quickly and easily.

More Workplace Productivity

When your employees can move freely around your workplace, it saves them time and preserves positive morale. Therefore, they can be more productive each day.

You want your employees to maximize their time at your commercial property. Interior high-speed doors improve your building’s traffic flow, allowing your employees to get the most out of each day.

Also, if you work at a manufacturing plant, interior speed doors are vital for delivery trucks. Running a seamless operation allows trucks to enter and exit your building quickly. Prioritizing your warehouse’s accessibility will have your business running like a well-oiled machine.

Low Maintenance

Interior speed doors require minimal maintenance and are easy to clean. A properly installed high-speed commercial door will yield nearly 30 years of quality service.

One of the most appealing features of an interior speed door is that it can reinsert curtains that fall off track. With other door types, you would have to call a professional repairman or break out your power tools in this situation. However, industry-standard speed doors fix themselves.

Additionally, you can add many unique components and tools to your interior speed doors. For example, you can install heating materials on the sides of your door to prevent freezing in the winter.

Also, push/pull technology ensures that your door does not succumb to wear-and-tear. The rubber features of speed doors are durable and help lower your energy costs.

Choosing the Best High-Speed Door Models

Fortunately, many high-speed door models deliver on their promises. Choosing the best high-cycle door for your business can be daunting. However, all you have to do is determine which speed-door functions are a priority for your business.

High performance speed doors offer more than just improving the aesthetic appeal of your commercial property. Here are some things to remember during your search for a high-performance door


Reliability is one of the principal components of a high-quality speed door. Entities such as fire stations and hospitals need a fast-opening door that they can count on. If a speed door malfunctions at an emergency health center, it could mean the difference between life and death.

Therefore, you must conduct thorough research on high-cycle door companies to determine which ones you can trust for the highest reliability. Seek customer testimonial sections on their websites to discover what their customers say about their high-performance door models.


Also, look for high-speed doors that are durable enough to withstand the amount of foot traffic your commercial building has. A high-performance door should have the capacity to tolerate up to 100 openings and closings daily.

High-performance doors’ durability depends on the materials and accessories that the manufacturer uses. Most heavy-duty interior and exterior applications use rubber to ensure durability.

Many high-speed roll-up doors withstand extreme environments, such as excessive heat and freezing temperatures. Plus, they require little maintenance.


Business owners should seek a quick-opening door that supports their building’s needs.

For example, if you do not work for an emergency service company such as a fire station, you do not need to overspend on a door that closes within five seconds. Instead, think about what you want from your high-performance door.

If you want a durable, high-performance door, you should opt for a springless design system. These systems offer features enabling your commercial door to withstand 500,000 openings and closings.

Buildings that Benefit from High-Performance Doors

Many properties can benefit from a high-performance door.

Fire Stations

Businesses serving the public safety sector rely on a smooth operation to exit their properties quickly and provide greater accessibility for their services.Hight speed door fire station

Also, public health facilities need a door with quick opening speeds and high reliability. Ambulances and fire trucks need to be able to exit their stations virtually instantly.

Therefore, they need a high-speed offering ideal for extreme environments. Typically, fire captains look for a high-speed door that opens within five seconds.

Additionally, fire stations need a secure door that minimizes the amount of outside air entering the building to maintain their energy efficiency.

Food Processing Plants

Food processing plants also need industrial doors to maintain their efficiency. Food processing plants must store their products in a temperature-reliant building. For example, meat must remain in cold storage before public distribution.

Also, manufacturing businesses require high-speed doors to accommodate the number of arriving production trucks seeking quick access to their plant. Therefore, plant owners need a high-speed door that offers minimal interruption to their daily routines.

Retail/Grocery Stores

Similarly, grocery stores utilize a high-traffic door to maintain a controlled, cool environment for food storage. Retail and grocery stores receive new inventory each day.

Therefore, delivery trucks need quick access to these stores’ stock rooms. A high-performance door is the best way to make this possible. A constant cool environment ensures long-lasting fresh produce, ultimately resulting in more sales and less waste.

Maintaining a consistently cool temperature requires much energy for retail or grocery stores to accommodate their products, plus customers and employees. Therefore, these facilities need high-performance doors that open and close quickly. Interior and exterior applications can help increase the efficiency of your roll-up doors.

Many industry types can benefit from low maintenance, high-speed metal doors or door installation in a range of other materials:

  • Warehouses
  • Parking Facilities
  • Auto Dealers
  • Car Washes
  • Government Buildings
  • Cold Storage

Costs of Industry Commercial Doors

As with most high-end products, the prices of high-performance doors vary by brand, features, and material. Note that high-performance doors able to withstand extreme environments have higher initial costs than other commercial doors.

However, you will gradually start seeing a healthy return on investment. You should recoup your investment through energy bill savings, employee wait time savings, and depreciation savings.

A reliable, durable, high-speed metal door will be one of your best business investments. Plus, you can add features to your doors each year to make them more efficient.

Invest in High-Speed Metal Doors

Full-range high-speed door applications are an optimal solution for many commercial properties. Research the differences between roll-up doors, overhead doors, or industrial doors to find the best high-speed door for your commercial building.

Installing a high-speed door requires focus and planning, these doors do not take long to install.

If you need high-speed door installation for your facility, call ASI Doors, Inc. at (800) 558

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