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Upgrade Your View With Full Vision High Speed Garage Doors
Posted: 5/13/21

Land Rover Car DealershipHow your building looks on the outside directly affects how many people want to come inside. An impressive 2 in 3 shoppers decide not to visit a business based solely on the exterior view from the street. If you run something like an auto shop or car dealership, your garage or showroom doors take up some major real estate on your building.

In the past, there were not many options as far as attractive roll up doors go, but things have changed. Full vision high speed garage doors offer a sophisticated look and better functionality all in one compact package for various applications.

In this blog, we will take a deep dive into what high speed roll up garage doors are, their pros and cons, and a few things to consider if you are looking at giving them a try.

What Are full Vision High Speed Garage Doors?

Full vision doors feature full-width polycarbonate slats, high-performance operation, low maintenance requirements, and offer far better aesthetics than other options on the market.

The Benefits for Auto Dealerships, Shops, and More

Full vision high speed garage doors provide all the benefits of traditional garage doors and then some:

Let in Natural Light

Letting in a little sun can change the entire look and feel of your commercial space, and the windows on full vision doors do just that. Creating a welcoming, comfortable interior atmosphere without harsh industrial lighting is particularly important for service entrance areas or anywhere else where customers may spend time, such as car dealership showrooms.

Clear Visibility Where You Need It

Just as the polycarbonate slats let light in, they also let you and your staff look out. Especially in areas where heavy machinery or vehicles may frequently exit, like service bays at a car dealership. The added visibility can offer real safety benefits as you can see if anyone is near the exit before you even open the door.

Curb Appeal Boosting Aesthetics

Not only do the clear interlocking polycarbonate slats look sleek, modern, and clean—all positive adjectives for curb appeal—but they offer impressive design customization to fit your brand aesthetic and style. Full vision high speed garage doors are available in a variety of custom colors and vision panel combinations.

Ready for Additional Features

Speaking of customization, you can also opt for a long list of optional add-on products, including things like adjustable time delay close mechanisms, motion sensors, and activation devices, among others. You’ll be able to create a custom door for your car dealership or other commercial space.

Safe and Secure

Among the many customization options for full vision garage doors for auto dealerships and other commercial spaces, security and safety features are the most important.

All high speed roll up doors come standard with instant stop/reverse functionality, but you can add pull cords, door alarms, safety devices, and much more. While high speed roll up garage doors open at up to 80″ per second, they offer comprehensive safety features to keep you and your car dealership crew safe.

Quiet Operation

The last thing you want is to listen to the clang and bang of garage doors all day. Because a full vision door doesn’t feature any metal-to-metal contact, they are among the quietest industrial doors on the market. Even if your car dealership service entrance is right next to your showroom, your customers won’t be disturbed.

Potential Energy Savings

Thanks to weather-tight, door-to-floor gaskets, full vision high speed garage doors help keep your heating and cooling costs low. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you could save upwards of 20% just by improving the air seal in your auto dealership or business.

Low Maintenance

Because high speed garage doors don’t have roller wheels, pulleys, belts, hinges, springs, or other high-wear parts, they don’t require nearly as much maintenance and fail far less often. As every minute of downtime is lost profit for many car dealerships and other businesses, this is a major advantage.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Roll Up Garage Doors for Automobile Dealerships or Other Industries?

We eliminated high-wear parts to reduce maintenance costs and metal-to-metal contact to reduce noise. Each door is constructed using lightweight, rigid anodized aluminum and durable polycarbonate slats to keep the unit compact and lower weight. It is true that a full vision door will cost a bit more than your average garage door, but you’ll more than make up the difference in lower maintenance and repair costs.

Things to Consider When Buying a Full Vision High Speed Garage Door

Before you add installing a new door to your next building project, there are a few things you should consider:

  • What is the goal of your project? Are you looking for convenience, security, exterior appearance, practicality? While you’re likely looking for some combination of all the above, having a clear idea of your goals will help give our installers the information they need to design the perfect full vision door for your auto dealership or other business.
  • What is your budget? No one wants to make everything about price, but the fact is how much you want or can spend is vital information for most projects. It can affect everything from the model door you select to what additional features you want to add to your project.
  • What features do you need? On that note, what features do you want and which do you need? While we’re happy to add any and all available features to your door, we don’t want you to install features you’ll never use. Take stock of your needs, wants, and budget, and our team will help you find a balance.
  • How many windows do you want? There are a variety of options to customize your door with anywhere from full coverage windows to any number of vision slats. This aspect only affects the aesthetics of your door. Full vision slat designs work well for auto dealerships who want to show off the cars they sell, while grouped slats might be a better option for fleet garages and other areas where less visibility into the interior of the business may be important for security reasons.

Turn to ASI Doors for Industrial, Commercial, or Car Dealership Doors

Full vision high speed garage doors provide a wide range of benefits for businesses of all types, but they are a spectacular fit for car dealerships in particular. These durable, compact garage doors offer better visibility, security, safety, and aesthetics without any notable drawbacks.Full Vision High Speed Garage Door

At ASI Doors, we specialize in custom high speed roll-up garage doors, among other high-performance products for buildings of all types and sizes, from auto dealerships to massive parking garages. Contact our team today for more information or to explore your options.

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