Model 109LP

High Speed Roll Up Door - Low Profile


Marathon's 109LP high performance roll-up door, with its low profile header and curved panel profile is ideal for applications with limited headroom and tight side clearances.  High speed operation ensures quick entrances and exits for superior access control. Reliable operation means lower maintenance costs and greater over-all security. Insulated slats and high speed operation reduce air exchange, lessen energy consumption and the "stack effect" that can occur in high rise applications.

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  • Two doors in one, high speed for quick access and high strength for security.
  • No need for roller wheels, belts cables or other high wear parts.
  • No springs or complex tension systems inside columns.
  • Ultra low profile header.
  • Operator mounts in a variety of space saving configurations.
  • Electric direct drive power system for speed and long life.
  • No metal-to-metal contact between side guides and slats.
  • Curved panel profile design rolls the door into a space saving, compact drum. 
  • Rigid insulated slats & high speed, high cycle operation, for the ultimate in energy savings, performance and security.

Panel Construction

  • Rigid anodized aluminum slats have foamed in place insulation with a "K" factor of .12 at 75°.


  • PLC control panel.
  • 2-speed operation.
    open - up to 42”/sec.
    close - 21”/sec.
  • High output electric direct drive 1 h.p. totally enclosed motor available.
  • NEMA 4 fiberglass control box.

Performance Features

  • Reversing edge for instant stop/reverse.
  • Send and receive reversing photoeye.


  • Rigid non-insulated anodized aluminum slats.
  • Light Screen.

Activation Devices:

  • Pull Cord.
  • Single Push Button. 
  • Photoeye.
  • Radio Control.
  • Loop Detector.
  • Pre-announce to close kit (light or alarm/or combo). 
  • Motion Detector.
  • Adjustable time delay close with auto close feature.
  • Custom operator location available.
  • Window slats in 4 slat increments. (Custom configurations available.)
  • Operator and barrel shrouds.
  • Custom colors.


  • One year limited warranty on all components.
Interlocking Slat Design

Interlocking Slat Design

  • Eliminates the need for brackets and seals between slats.
Programmable Logic Control System

Programmable Logic Control System

  • Allows interface with building security systems.
Dense Polyurethane Foam Insulation

Dense Polyurethane Foam Insulation

  • Seals out winter cold and summer heat.
Auto Dealerships

Auto Dealerships

  • For vehicle service bays.
Commercial Applications

Commercial Applications

  • For high-rise parking, commercial and retail & applications.
Municipal Applications

Municipal Applications

  • For maintenance and fleet garages, wash bays, emergency vehicle & ARFF bays.
Security Applications

Security Applications

  • For sally ports, courthouses, secured parking garages and currency or sensitive material docks.
Multiple Colors, Sizes and Configurations

Multiple Colors, Sizes and Configurations

  • Options available to suit almost any application.