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High-Performance Rigid Rolling Doors

High Performance. Low maintenance.

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Model 109/209

The 109/209 low-profile high-performance roll-up doors are ideal for applications with limited headroom and tight side clearance. High speed operation ensures quick entrances and exits for superior access control. ASI Doors out-performs the competition with our patent-pending, no metal-to-metal contact design which ensures quiet operation and reduces wear. With a direct drive system, there are no roller wheels, belts, pulleys, springs, hinges, or other high wear parts to replace. Reliable operation means lower maintenance costs and greater overall security.

109 Door

  • Optional – Grill options – allow for ventilation
  • Slat height – 4′
  • Door size up to 26′ W & up to 22′ H
  • Opening speed up to 42″/sec

209 Door

  • Optional – Full-width, all-vision slat
  • Slat height – 6″
  • Door size up to 20′ W & up to 14′ H
  • Opening speed up to 80”/sec