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Model 140 & 150 / Single sliding FRP Door

Single Slide Door

Maximum Cleanability

With the increased pressure on facility budgets, performance and value have become inseparable key words for manufacturers worldwide.  Companies producing supplements, neutraceuticals, medical devices, over-the-counter formulations, and many others, face new challenges within their facilities as regulators expand their focus beyond traditional pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing.  The LXP series of doors provides an elegant solution to these new challenges.

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Door Sizes

  • To maintain the integrity of a seamless (no center seam) construction, the following restrictions apply
  • Up to 10’ high if maximum width of opening is 7’7” or less
  • Up to 8’7” wide if maximum height of opening is 8’ or less. (Other size available - consult factory)

Panel Construction

  • 1-3/4” thick seamless (no center seams) fiberglass with high density EPS bonded core
  • 20 ga. stainless steel edge cap for added protection and durability
  • Three-sided gray non-marking vinyl gasket, and bottom sweep gasket.
  • White color standard

Frame Construction

  • Clear anodized aluminum header and rail assembly, enclosed with a 16 ga. stainless steel sloped shroud
  • 16 ga. 304 #4 (316 stainless optional) stainless steel side frames with floor hardware attached (nothing mounted into the floor)

Performance Features

  • Manual Model: Slide to Open - slide to close
  • Power Model: A gear-less AC Asynchronous motor continuously maintains peak performance by utilizing an on-board, self-adjusting microprocessor control system. Complete system is programmable from from floor level without removing the shrouds.
  • Standard pushplate to open - time delay to close
  • Standard circuitry allows door to “reverse upon obstruction” by monitoring both directions of door travel.
  • Standard dual side frame mounted reversing photoeyes
  • In case of power failure, power doors can be manually operated at any time
  • Breakaway panel


  • Vision panel with standard sloped frame
  • Flush Vision
  • 304 or 316 #4 stainless steel clad panel
  • Heavy-duty molded fiberglass panel
  • Custom color (molded panel only, consult factory)
  • Canebolt lock in door panel
  • Auto close with hold open (manual doors)
  • Pushplates mounted in door panel (wireless)
  • Electronic solenoid lock in header
  • Touchless activation switches
  • Custom designed interlocking systems
  • Actuators: Variety of activation device available upon request
  • Pre-announce to close kit (LED light bar)


  • Two year limited warranty on all components

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