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Benefits of High Speed Fabric Doors
Posted: 6/15/22

High speed fabric doors are a welcomed model addition to many industrial and commercial properties. Whether you have a factory, a warehouse, a food processing plant, etc., you can benefit from high speed fabric doors.

The main benefit of high speed doors is their ability to open and close rapidly. These fast acting doors open and close at a speed of roughly one meter each second. We’ll explore the many advantages of high speed fabric doors and which model to buy.

1. Higher Productivity

High speed doors became designed to maximize productivity and applications. For example, your traditional roll up door may take several seconds to open.

This duration might not be a big deal for a residential property with a garage door or a small business. However, a commercial property that opens and closes its doors several times a day can experience reduced productivity.

High speed fabric doors—also called high performance doors—will quickly open and close. As a result, they allow your employees to get in and out of your facility in record time.

An engineered high speed door can save you significant time, optimize profits, and ease accessibility with minimal interruption.

2. Great Durability

A high speed door pairs reliability and quality. Its fast-acting applications protect against interior and exterior issues. With the correct installation, high speed fabric doors will withstand extreme environments from exterior factors, like harsh weather.

These commercial doors also lend themselves to the repetitive motions and constant use typical in manufacturing. Your door will have durable material and an engineered springless design to guard against natural wear and tear. High speed fabric doors also have features that can lengthen their motor’s longevity. Therefore, they work perfectly for any industry.

Your typical fabric door won’t require regular maintenance, making it an ideal application for busy industries. However, during maintenance, these high performance industrial doors often only require a fast repair of 15 minutes or less.

3. Enhanced Security

Having the best security solutions is a top priority no matter the commercial or industrial business you run. Due to their high speed, fabric doors are ideal for keeping out unauthorized guests in any industry. Their durability also complements their high speed.

You’ll want to choose fabric doors designed with the best quality and ideal security features. For instance, for the best reliability, you may select a model with double-walled aluminum fabric doors and a wind lock. These commercial doors can also protect against authorized entries, interior and exterior accidents, and bad weather.

4. Energy-Efficient

Besides their exterior applications, high speed fabric doors have many interior features that make them ideal for a commercial or manufacturing company. Along with being fast, a high speed door is more energy-efficient than a roll up door.

Installing high speed doors means you can prevent interior and exterior energy loss, ensuring cleaner air and lower energy bills. High speed fabric doors can also keep your interior and exterior HVAC systems in top condition. These fast moving doors have two major energy-efficient applications:

  • Reducing heat loss: With a seal on all four sides, high speed fabric doors will minimize heat loss once their doors close. A fast fabric door also means far less heat escapes when they open.
  • Reducing cold loss: High speed doors also significantly lower cold loss. A fabric door is an excellent investment if you need commercial doors for freezers or cold storage. They have features that minimize cold air seeping out of your freezers and cold storage facility.

5. Increased Airflow

Besides reducing heat loss and ensuring cold storage, these fast industrial doors are second to none in controlling airflow. Moreover, compared to a roll up door, their many interior and exterior applications and solutions help them minimize dust and other debris.

Ideal for reducing overall maintenance, high speed fabric doors will facilitate the movement of dust and other debris. Your fabric door will have applications similar to an airlock that prevents harmful dust from entering. With cleaner air, you can increase accessibility for all your employees.

6. Increased Safety

The springless design of a fabric door allows for many exterior applications and features. Besides easy accessibility and high speed, a fabric door is ideal for safety. Whether you have a manufacturing or pharmaceutical company, high speed doors can keep your employees and customers safe.

Manufacturers designed a high speed fabric door model to have no moving parts. This manufacturing feature entails a slight risk of injury should a collision happen. Other high-performing safety features that most fabric door models have are:

  • Clear vision panels
  • Tight seals
  • Safety edges that don’t require contact
  • Breakaway bottoms

High speed fabric doors have many interior and exterior applications, making them second to none. First, however, you’ll want to invest in the very best commercial models for your commercial property.

Choosing subpar high speed doors can compromise your employees’ safety. Investing in a well-designed fabric door model enables you to reap the very best features and applications. When choosing high speed fabric doors, you’ll want to select OSHA-certified models.

7. Extended Longevity

A high speed fabric door can also withstand the test of time. This quality is another reason it outranks other doors for its investment potential.

In 1980, the industrial door emerged as the forerunner of the high speed fabric door. However, this door’s limited use and high maintenance costs didn’t interest too many people.

Today, however, people have embraced the high speed fabric door for its broad exterior and interior operations, accessibility, low maintenance, and high performance. Depending on the model, you can expect your high speed fabric door to last between 10 and 20 years. This longevity applies to even the busiest industries.

If your company constantly needs to repair or replace a door, purchasing a high speed fabric door can save you money in the long run.

8. Aesthetics

The main selling point of high speed fabric doors is their wide-ranging uses paired with their speed and durability. However, their visual appeal certainly doesn’t hurt.

You can choose from doors available in various styles and colors. Your high speed fabric doors will perform well while looking great.

Which Businesses Should Consider High Speed Doors

Many businesses can benefit from high speed fabric doors versus a roll up door or a garage door. However, your business may not see a lot of traffic, leaving your doors open for extended periods. If so, then high speed fabric doors might not be the right choice for you.

A wide range of businesses can benefit from fabric doors, with some examples being:

  • Cleanrooms
  • Storage facilities
  • Parking garages
  • Fleet garages
  • Government buildings
  • Shipping and fulfillment centers and warehouses
  • Large-scale grocery stores or supermarkets
  • Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals
  • Food and beverage processing plants
  • Automotive manufacturers and service providers

Different Types of High Speed Fabric Doors

A high speed fabric door may have a different model, which works better for various exterior and interior applications. We’ll explore four models.

Model 415 for Wash Down Fabric Roll-Up Cleanroom Doors

Model 415 is ideal when you need cleanroom high speed fabric doors to prevent exterior air from infiltrating your interior facility. This model uses a soft seal instead of a bottom bar. As a result, it allows your interior curtains to mold to any ground contours perfectly.

This fabric door model adheres to FDA, EMEA, and GMP compliance.

This model features:

  • Manual release and a manual motor
  • Battery-operated backup system
  • Photoeye and motion sensors
  • Transparent vision panel made from PVC
  • Remotely mounted push buttons

MODEL 515 for Low Profile and High Speed Fabric Roll-Up Doors

The second model is Model 515. Operating at high speeds, Model 515 is ideal for increasing productivity, minimizing energy costs, and reducing air exchanges.

This model features an automatic curtain reset, meaning it’ll realign itself when displaced. The 515 also has low exterior and interior maintenance with these features:

  • Options for loop and motion detectors
  • Side frames made from galvanized steel
  • Manual motor override
  • FDA-compliant multi-filament PVC coated curtains
  • It doesn’t require a wind lock or a windbar

Model 615 for Exterior and Interior Fabric Doors

Model 615 has a high speed of 100″ per second, making it an optimal choice for high speed fabric doors. You can modify this model at high speed to custom-fit any interior or exterior applications.

Some of this model’s notable aspects include:

  • A soft bottom edge makes a bottom bar unneeded
  • Fully adjustable speed
  • Options for non-heated or heated circulation operations
  • A breakaway curtain that will automatically reset

MODEL 615F Insulated Roll-Up Door for Freezer Operations

Model 615F works best when you have freezer operations. Like Model 615, this model has an adjustable speed of up to 100″ per second. However, it also has unique attributes that separate it from Model 615:

  • Thermal breaks in its side guides prevent exterior and interior conduction
  • Heated side columns
  • Option to add an optional defrosting system to the door to avoid build-ups of frost

The Very Best High Speed Fabric Doors from ASI Doors

At ASI Doors, we know how much people care about their businesses. As a result, we can pair you with the suitable door model that makes the most sense for your operations.

Whether you’re a food and beverage store that sees a lot of traffic or a manufacturing warehouse that wants to protect your precious material, you can find the right high speed fabric door for your operations. Every high speed model we produce has wide exterior and interior applications.

To discover our high speed fabric doors, give ASI Doors, Inc. a call today at (800) 558-7068!

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