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Turn your High-rise Upscale with High Speed Overhead Doors
Posted: 2/15/21

Now more than ever, security and access control for high-rise apartment complexes, large condominium developments, and office buildings is a top priority for property owners and landlords.  Securing the various pedestrian entry points into these buildings may seem simplistic, however, the parking garages outside of these multi-tenant buildings are a bit more complicated.

There are multiple options to increase security for parking garages.  Some parking structures utilize security gates at the vehicle entrances.  They provide a visual barrier at the entrance and offer various access control options to allow entry.  On the other hand, they are often impacted by vehicles, easily bypassed by pedestrian traffic, and do not prevent access to the parking structure.  In many cases, security firms are hired to provide security guards to monitor the structures.  This provides a deterrent to unwanted visitors but comes at a high price.   Depending on the number of guards needed and whether they are armed, expect to pay up to $100 per hour per guard.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of choosing a high speed, high security roll up door as an alternative.

Why Go for a High Speed Overhead Roll up Door?

Roll up doors were first introduced as a standard industrial door in the ’80s. Unlike its pioneer counterpart, the modern high speed overhead door has evolved to offer fast opening and closing times, durability, increased safety, and low maintenance for high usage applications.  Combining this with aesthetically pleasing designs and heavy-duty materials; these products are a win-win for you and your tenants.

Increased Security

Unlike security gates and security guards, high speed, high security roll up doors provide a physical barrier and prevent unauthorized access into the structure.  They come with state-of-the-art security and accessibility features.  With various activation choices, visual aids, and time delay closing options, you can customize your doors to make sure it suits your needs.  In addition, these doors operate at speeds up to 80” per second, which means decreased wait times for entry and quick closing times for security.

Sleek Design

Today’s high performance doors are made with aluminum interlocking slats and are ideal for your interior and exterior applications.  They are available in a variety of custom colors, both anodized and painted, to compliment your architectural design. For added visual appeal and natural light, selecting doors that offer full vision polycarbonate window slats is common.

High Cycle

Traditional garage doors are designed to provide 15,000-100,000 cycles before major service and repairs are necessary.  Common replacement parts include roller wheels, hinges, cables, and springs.  In contrast, it is not uncommon for a high speed roll up door to reach over 1 million cycles before major service or repair.  Selecting a high speed roll up door that doesn’t have rollers, hinges, cables, chains, and springs is recommended to achieve these high cycles.

Air Exchange

Anyone that has been into a parking garage knows they do not have the best air quality due to the exhaust fumes that buildup.  Choosing fenestrated or ventilated aluminum slats in lieu of solid aluminum slats provides the ability for quality air exchange within the garage.

Space Constraints

Low ceiling heights and other obstructions in parking garages can be a real challenge to apply traditional overhead doors or security gates.  High speed overhead doors have relatively small footprints in comparison and require minimum headroom above the opening.  They roll up on a barrel and do not block fire sprinklers, lights, or other utilities. High speed doors are designed to be less intrusive with a cleaner look and take up less space.

Trust ASI Doors For All Your Industrial and Commercial Door Needs

Maintaining security at your building is a top priority.  Utilizing high speed doors will not only save you money, but it will also provide you and your tenants a safe and secure entrance into your building for years to come.

ASI Doors specializes in high performance door solutions for multiple applications including security solutions for apartments, condominiums, and office buildings.  Contact us today to find out what options are available for your building.

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